Welcome to Day Care

Thousands of pet owners work all day, and this requires leaving their dog at home while they work. Often these owners come home to a distressed dog, rampant destruction, urination and defecation or neighbours who complain of excessive barking and howling, one of the top reasons given at rescue shelters for an owner giving up their dog is "he destroys my things when I'm not home".

Maybe you work from home, and to your dog that means you are there for his or her entertainment. They do not understand why you are there and not paying attention to them! You feel guilty because you can't spend time with them.

Day care can provide more than a peace of mind, drop your dog off in the morning on the way to work, and while you slave away your pet is provided with hours of FUN! In a cage-free, controlled, monitored play environment.

You may be thinking, this sounds an awful lot like a children's day care…and you would be absolutely right! Because to people like us, they are part of our family and we enjoy seeing them happy and content. Unconditional love and dedication is what they give us, giving them an opportunity to play with 'friends' and get involved in a day full of wonderful activities, with toys aimed at stimulating their minds, yummy treats, play time and nap times seems a fair trade. Throughout the day dogs engage in a variety of activities including play, training, brushing, and exercise and each dog has continual interaction and personal attention from our caring staff.

Opening Hours

We are open 5 Days a Week from Monday to Thursday 7.30am till 5.30pm & Fridays 7.30am till 4.30pm.

Early morning Drop Off and Friday evening Late Pick Up by prior arrangement