Dog Grooming in Stockton, Cleveland

With patience and understanding our grooming team have helped many dogs overcome their fears and phobia’s of being brushed, bathed or even touched.

When you first bring your dog for grooming you will be asked a few routine questions about the dog's health and temperament, going on to discuss styling requirements. The grooming normally follows the following procedure:

  • Brief check of coat condition and general health
  • Pluck and clean ears as required
  • Trim nails as required
  • Groom out, de-matt, clip depending on breed type
  • Bath in appropriate shampoo (condition if necessary)
  • Blow dry & style as requested

We understand that each dog is an individual and the service is tailored to suit the particular dog and their owner. We work on a one-to-one basis and provide a calm environment to ensure each visit is as stress-free as possible.

A record is kept for each dog, detailing all aspects of each visit. Any problems noted with regards to health or behaviour will be reported immediately to the owner. An honest account of how the dog coped with the experience will always be relayed to the owner.

Owners are not permitted to remain with their dog whilst it is being grooming for safety purposes.

For more information and bookings

Call 01642 670404