Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Here at Carrie's Dog Day Care we believe that our dogs are part of our family, they live with us putting up with our busy hectic lifestyle yet are always there with a wagging tail and a wet nose to say "hello". A Dog Birthday Party is the ideal way to say "Happy Birthday", or just a simple "thank you" to your best friend...
Our Birthday Parties provide a unique opportunity for your dog to invite their canine pals and owner’s to join in the celebration, we can arrange everything from invites and party games, to the cake and party bags. Just let us know what you would like and we will arrange that special day for your best friend.

  • Invitations
  • Decorations & balloons
  • Party games & prizes
  • Party food for the canine guests
  • Refreshments and food for the owners
  • Birthday cake
  • Thank you notes

Who do I invite?

Now, the important bits, your ‘doggie’ guests, think carefully about this, because all the dogs must know and like each other.
Invite dogs that your dog plays with on a regular basis, this might be family and friend’s dogs, other dogs your dog plays with on a regular basis and other local dog lovers you know or friends from doggie day care.
Remember this is not the time to introduce a new dog to your dog.

How many dogs can I handle?

Be realistic about the number of dogs you can handle, as well as how well they play with others.
You may want to think twice before inviting guests, who don't get along well with other dogs or other people. Nothing can spoil a party faster than a dog that is aggressive to dogs and people,
Remember the owners will be attending along with their dog, so this may affect your decision as well.

Should small children be invited?

While small children can make a wonderful addition to your celebration, you will need to ask yourself how they will behave around the dogs and are all the dogs relaxed around children.

Other Considerations...

Do you have a party theme in mind? Let us know and we will decorate the day care centre to complement your chosen theme.
Instead of boring "normal" party food, how about some dog related munchies for your owner guests? Maybe bone shaped sandwiches and a bone shaped birthday cake. Just let us know what you would like and we will arrange the food for your human guests.

Other Party Ideas

Girls or Boys night out
When women feel down and need a bit of pampering, we can retreat to our favourite spa and indulge in being thoroughly spoilt. Sometimes we go to the shops and spend money on totally unnecessary things... but it feels good! Maybe, even organise a party for a group of friends, with lots of our favourite food and drink.
Our pets, on the other hand, don’t get the opportunity to go off to the Spa and be spoilt, unfortunately! However, you can now spoil your four-legged, furry friend and organize a party for them, giving them the similar kind of tender loving care.

Puppy Shower
Everyone loves puppies; they are cute, cuddly and smell gorgeous, so why not invite your family and friends to meet your new addition.