Feature Days

Enjoy the fun at the crèche feature days

February - Valentine’s Day

We don't see why our dogs should miss out on the most romantic day of the year. After all they have their canine pals and friends.

March - Mothering Sunday

The dogs send their female owner a card on this special day.

April - Easter

Egg hunts, games and much more are arranged for this festive event. The dogs go home with a present to open on Easter Day. Because their owners can't share their chocolate Easter Egg’s the dog’s just have to have a special one of their own!

June - Fathers Day

We must not forget the men in the household. So the dogs make and send their male owners a Father's Day card.

December - Christmas

Almost everyone goes to a Christmas party and we don't forget our dogs. Our Christmas party is arranged during day care hours and owners are invited to drop off their dogs so they can join in the festive spirit by playing lots of party games followed by a wonderful doggy Christmas dinner. Each dog goes home with a present to put under the tree for Christmas day.